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When it comes to professional appliance repair, knowing where to go for results can be crucial. This is particularly true for emergency repair needs with major appliances like fridges, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. At Max Appliance Repair, we can address any Arbutus Ridge appliance repair concerns you may have.

Our clients can always count on us for:

  • Same-day responses to those who make an appointment with our company
  • Experts who are licensed, insured, and certified at all times
  • Over 20 years of appliance repair work behind our experience
  • The best possible marriage of reliability and affordability
  • Meeting customer needs with the best technicians, equipment, and parts to be found anywhere in our industry

Don’t settle for anything less than the best-reviewed appliance repair company in the area!

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Arbutus Ridge Appliance Repair Services

We expect a lot from our appliances. It just seems fair for our appliances to expect the best repair services available. From minor issues, to emergency situations, Max Appliance Repair will always have your back.

Arbutus Ridge Fridge Repair Services

Your fridge needs to maintain an optimal temperature. This is also true of the freezer. If either or both of these components are out of whack, our Arbutus Ridge appliance repair experts can get things back on track. Is your fridge leaking? We can help with that, too.

Arbutus Ridge Oven Repair Services

If your oven is always burning your food, the issue may be something to do with the oven itself. This is just one example of what we can do in the way of oven repairs. Is your oven even heating up at all? We can figure out what’s wrong!

Arbutus Ridge Dishwasher Repair Services

When your dishwasher is leaking, it can create a mess, while simultaneously sidelining one of your most important major appliances. Regardless of the specific issue going on with your dishwasher, if there are any odors, noises, or even poor results coming up, it needs to be addressed.

Arbutus Ridge Stove Repair Services

dryer repairFrom one burner heating up too quickly, to burners that won’t cut on at all, our repair experience can exhaust every possibility, in terms of figuring out what’s wrong with your stove. Don’t try anything, until you have called us for a diagnosis.

Arbutus Ridge Washer Repair Services

If you have a large family, you already know what your washer has to go through from one day to the next. To meet the punishing schedule of daily laundry, make sure you’re using Max Appliance Repair to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. This includes flooding or leaking washers.

Arbutus Ridge Dryer Repair Services

Dryer repair services are another example of what we offer in the way of Arbutus Ridge appliance repair experience. If your dryer isn’t working correctly, or seems to be making obnoxious sounds no matter what, you need only to contact us to set up an appointment.

Contact Us Today To Get Started

For all of the major appliances we’ve listed above, make sure they get the best maintenance and repair work possible. Contact us today to set up your first appointment!


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